Multiple Builder Tutorial

If you’re into multiple betting, we’ve got the perfect new feature for you at Bet9ja to help create the coupon built to your preferences.

Multiple Builder allows you to quickly build a coupon based on your desired odds and the amount of matches you wish to bet on. After generating the most suitable matches, you can lock in the ones you want to bet on, creating your coupon and giving you control.

In return, you get a coupon with the best matches based on individual needs, creating your own odds depending on whether you want to play it safe or go for the big win.


1. Find Multiple Builder on the Bet9ja mobile homepage

2. Pick your odds

Unlike most coupons, with Multiple Builder, the Bet9ja player can create the betslip firstly based on their desired odds. For example, if you want to add matches which are all at odds of 2.0, toggle to this amount, and we will find you the fixtures at this range. The only market available for each match is the classic 1×2, or in other words, home win, draw, away win.

The odds range is from 1.1, for users who prefer to play it safe, up to 10 for those who wish to dream big. Odds move forward in multiples of 0.1, giving you complete control of the odds you want.

3. Match of the day

Next is choosing the number of matches you want in your coupon. The range here is from three games all the way to 25. The more matches you add to your coupon, the more you increase the chance of improving the overall odds of your betslip and the opportunity to win big money.

4. We do the work for you

After you’ve decided on the odds and matches you want in your coupon, click on Generate New Fixtures. We’ll automatically select the most relevant fixtures to your preferences, with ones played as close into the future as possible.

For example, if you selected 10 matches to be added to your coupon, but only five at the requested odds on that day were available, our computer would find matches from tomorrow or the day after until all 10 are chosen. There’s no limit to the league or country from which a game will be generated, only the ones closest to the odds you’ve selected. But rest assured, the major leagues, such as the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, will take priority.

5. You’re still in control

But you still have control. If there’s a match you’d rather not add, simply click the X icon next to the selected match to delete it and add the next relevant fixture to your betslip. That still gives you total control of the matches you wish to bet on and the odds and number of selections.

6. Place your bets

After selecting the odds, the number of matches and which fixtures you’ve finally settled on, then comes the time to place your bet. You can also select ‘System’ before you bet, creating different types of perms and folds depending on the amount of selected matches.

You have the option to tick Cut 1, which allows you to gain cash back if one selection loses, but at the cost of accepting lower odds. See it as an insurance policy, suitable for the more matches you add to the betslip.

Finally, select the amount you want to bet, and if you bet at least 100NGN with five or more matches on your betslip, you’ll receive a multiple boost. For example, five games at odds more than 1.2 will give you a 5% bonus on any potential winnings, up to 100%, if you select the maximum of 25 matches. Place your bet and see if it pays out the big money.

The possibilities are now endless with Bet9ja’s Multiple Builder!