Sushi Slash

The Game

Sushi Slash is a fun, easy to play Casino game where slashing fish can earn you real money!

How To Play

Playing Sushi Slash is as easy as could be. Simply select your stake and tap or slash the fish, tapping or slashing places a bet. If the fish you slash has a multiplier icon inside, you win that multiple of your stake – ranging from 0.5 to 5000!

Bonus Round

Some fish contains a Golden Fish token which fills one level of the on screen Bonus gauge. Once all three levels of the Bonus gauge are filled, you receive 50 times your average stake, which means the more you bet, the bigger your bonus will be. Once you have filled the first level of the Golden fish Bonus gauge, you have 0h to fill the remaining 2 levels to win the bonus. If you do not complete the bonus gauge in that time, the bonus is reset back to zero. Find a Gold Coin – levels up one step of the Bonus Meter!

Game Controls

  • Select bet: press and use up / down bumpers to adjust the bet amount.
  • Balance: watch your score increase.
  • Bonus meter: some fish will reveal a Gold Coin symbol. You can see how to bonus meter fills up.
  • Multipliers: with each fish obtained, the multiplier of the points obtained will appear on the right side of the screen and how your bet will add up.


Outcome Odds
x0.50 x1
x2 x5
x50 x100
x1000 x5000

Betting Limits

Currency Minimum stake Maximum stake Odds</Maximum Payout>
NGN 50.00 500,000.00 10,000,000.00