Bet9ja Bonus Promotions Terms and Conditions

1. These Bet9ja Bonus Promotions Terms and Conditions (the “Bonus Terms and Conditions”) supplement and are an integral part of the Bonus Rules for any bonus promotion that may be made available on, Bet9ja social media platform and/or in the Customer account. Each bonus promotion is subject to the respective Bonus Rules and is organised by KC Gaming Networks Limited (“Bet9ja”). Unless otherwise expressly defined in these Bonus Terms and Conditions, all capitalised terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the General Terms and Conditions, General Sport Betting Rules and/or the respective Bonus Rules. These Bonus Terms and Conditions rules do not apply to the Bet9ja League Bonus and Bet9ja Racing Bonus offers.

2.  Participation in bonus promotions is available via Customer account online functionality only. The bonus promotions and/or the bonus balance betting are not accessible or available through SMS betting functionality. Bonus balance part of the Customer account can be used for the bets placed on pre-match and live sports only.

3. Only one bonus promotion type can be assigned for one account within the bonus promotion term (i.e. only one Welcome Bonus can be used for one Customer account and without limitation for one person, one household address, one email address, debit/credit card number and mobile number) and is not transferable between the Customer accounts. The Customer can participate in multiple bonus promotions at any given time subject to these Bonus Terms and Conditions and the Bonus Rules.

4. The Bonus will be credited to the bonus balance of the Customer account provided (i) the Customer makes the qualifying deposit or a bet according to the Bonus Rules, if and as applicable, and (ii) meets the relevant Deposit Wagering Requirements, where applicable, unless specified otherwise in the Bonus Rules. For the avoidance of doubt, if the Customer does not meet the Deposit Wagering Requirements, even if the deposit amount was over the minimum deposit specified in the Bonus Rules, the Customer will not be eligible to receive the Bonus. Bet9ja may, at its sole discretion, assign the discretionary amount of credit to the Customer account bonus balance; in such case, only bonus balance wagering requirements apply.

5. The Bonus for the respective bonus promotion become available for betting immediately and in the event of multiple Bonus credits, in the order of the expiry date of the relevant Bonus Term i.e. the Bonus with the earlier Bonus Term expiry date will be available for bonus balance betting first. The Bonus that become available for betting according to the foregoing criteria will be deemed as the “Active Bonus Promotion”. There can be only one Active Bonus Promotion in the Customer account. If, during the Active Bonus Promotion, the Customer receives the Bonus with the earlier Bonus Term expiry date than the expiry date of the then current Active Bonus Promotion, the Bonus with the earlier expiry date of the Bonus Term shall become the Active Bonus Promotion. This does not prejudice any of the open bets initiated under the previously Active Bonus Promotion, including their settlement date requirement. The Bonus of the previous Active Bonus Promotion will become available for betting again after all of the Bonus of then Active Bonus Promotion have been staked (i) according to the Bonus Wagering Requirements (other than the bets’ settlement requirement) and (ii) within the relevant Bonus Term.

6. The Active Bonus Promotion is deemed completed when all Bonus for the Active Bonus Promotion have been staked (i) within the Bonus Term and (ii) according to the respective Bonus Wagering Requirements (including the settlement of bets). Failure to meet the preceding cumulative criteria will cause the entire bonus balance associated with the respective portion of the Bonus of the bonus balance (including any linked winnings) to be forfeited. Only the bonus balance generated from the Bonus for the completed promotion(-s), if any, can be redeemed into the cash balance of the Customer account at any time.

7. Any bets placed on the events scheduled to be completed after the expiry of the specified Bonus Term and/or the after the stated date that is part of the Deposit Wagering Requirements, cashed out bets and/or void bets, will not qualify for the Deposit Wagering Requirements and/or the Bonus Wagering Requirements. If a void bet or bets that form part of a multiple bet bring the cumulative odds below the minimum cumulative odds stated it the Bonus Rules, that bet will not be deemed as a qualifying bet for the purposes of any of the wagering requirements. Split-column, system or combination bets will not count toward the wagering requirements. The stakes for the bets placed from the qualifying Deposit and/or the Bonus, as the case may be, that are cancelled according to the Sports General T&C will not count towards any of the wagering requirements and will be returned to the Deposit and/or the Bonus, and will need to be staked again according to the Bonus Rules.

8. Without prejudice to the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and/or the General Sport Betting Rules, if any term of these Bonus Terms and Conditions and/or the Bonus Rules is breached and/or there is suspicion or evidence (including in Bet9ja’s electronic records) of abuse of the bonus promotion in any way, including, without limitation, a series of bets placed by a Customer or group of Customers with the intention to abuse the bonus promotion, any attempts to participate in the bonus promotion more than once, or in the event of an abuse of an error or malfunction in the Bet9ja system, Bet9ja reserves the right to (i) suspend access to the account; (ii) request supporting evidence from the Customer, such as proof of funds and the ID in a satisfactory format; (iii) take any such other actions as may be deemed appropriate to investigate the account activity; (iv) reclaim any bonus funds and the bonus winnings from the bonus balance and where bonus balance has been redeemed, from the general account balance; (v) cancel any open bets initiated from the bonus balance; (vi) cancel the bonus promotion and/or eligibility for any future bonus promotion; (vii) close the account without the right for reinstatement; and/or (viii) report any abuse to the law enforcement authorities as may be required or permitted by law. Bonus abuse encompasses, without limitation, placing bets on the guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome.

9. Bet9ja reserves the right to amend these Bonus Terms and Conditions, cancel the bonus promotion, alter or amend the Bonus Rules at any time if deemed necessary in its opinion, if the circumstances arise outside of its control or if required by law. In all such circumstances, Bet9ja may allow the Customer to complete the bonus promotion according to the Bonus Rules unless prevented from doing so by law or then current relevant circumstances.

10. The registration and use of the Customer account, the deposits, the bets, the withdrawals and complaints are subject to the General Terms and Conditions and the General Sport Betting Rules unless specified otherwise in these Bonus Terms and Conditions.

11. The betslip must contain only events concluded/played before the expiration date of the bonus

Effective Date: 13/02/2019