Responsible Gambling

Effective Date: 27/02/2023

Adherence to the principles of responsible gaming is at the forefront of our priorities at Bet9ja. We believe gambling should purely be for entertainment. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our customers against gaming-related problems, as this is of paramount importance to us.

Bet9ja has put in place flexible plans and safety measures to enable our customers to manage their activities and we will always take the necessary steps to prevent gaming-related problems.


We recommend you bet with what you can afford to lose. To guide your bet placement, you can decide in advance how much to spend on betting and never exceed that limit. We offer you the chance to personalise your spending limit at Deposit Limits.


  1. Gamble for fun.
  2. Only gamble with funds you can possibly afford to lose and don’t bet with funds you need for daily living.
  3. Decide how much time to dedicate to gambling and don’t exceed this limit. You can use Deposit Limits to check your spending.
  4. Decide how much money to invest in your entertainment and respect the decision you have made. Gambling should not be your only source of fun.
  5. Don’t chase losses and accept the outcome as the cost of entertainment.
  6. Don’t ask for credit for betting.
  7. Ensure you know the rules of the game and the house edge.
  8. Balance the time you dedicate to betting with other leisure activities.
  9. Don’t bet to escape from loneliness or depression. Only bet for the desire to play and have fun.
  10. Do not bet if your clarity has been impaired by alcohol or drugs.


Problem gambling can be recognised by modes of conduct such as a high level of spending, poor work results, relationship difficulties, theft, lying and depression. If gambling becomes a problem, then it is no longer entertainment. TAKE A BREAK. You should decide when and for how long, and for more assistance you can contact our customer service team.


Check periodically to assess your gambling habits. We would like to help you to better understand them and correct them if necessary. Start from this easy test – it will just take a minute:

  1. In the last 12 months, has betting or gambling often caused you problems at work or at home?
  2. In the last 12 months, has betting or gambling caused arguments or other serious problems with your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues?
  3. In the last 12 months, have you tried to hide the amount you wanted to bet from family members or friends?
  4. Do you sometimes say you are winning when in reality you are losing?
  5. With the passing of time, have you had to increase the frequency of your betting and gambling to keep it exciting?
  6. In the last 12 months, have you used gambling or betting to escape from personal problems or to feel better?
  7. In the last 12 months, after having lost money gambling, have you immediately gambled again to try to win back the money lost?
  8. In the last 12 months, have you tried to collect money for bets by using false cheques, stealing or by resorting to other illegal acts?
  9. In the last 12 months, have you gambled even though you had promised yourself you would not do so or have you bet for a longer time period than what you prearranged?

If you have responded yes to more than five questions, betting is no longer a form of entertainment for you and may constitute a serious problem. Therefore, we urge you to seriously consider the possibility of taking a break and seek help. You can click here to visit Gambling Therapy for help.


It is illegal for anyone below the age of 18 to open a betting account or place a bet with Bet9ja.

According to our General Terms & Conditions, we may require you to provide a copy of your ID to prove your identity, including your age, for various reasons. If we discover an underage or vulnerable person operates an account with Bet9ja, the account will be closed and any winnings will be forfeited.

Bet9ja will make diligent effort to prevent underage gambling. If you are concerned that an underage player operates an account with Bet9ja, please contact our Help Center and we will take necessary steps.

Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted at Bet9ja outlets.



You can decide to limit the amount of money to be deposited into your betting account daily, weekly and monthly. To access this option, visit My Account > Responsible Gambling to review and modify your deposits limits

Any reduction or increase to your limit would take effect immediately upon receipt of instruction.


The self-exclusion option is available to any customer who may have a gambling problem or believe they are vulnerable to gambling. If you think you need to take a break, you should consider self-exclusion wherein you can take a break starting from a minimum period of 90 days. You can also request to close your account at any time.

Customers who self-exclude would have their account suspended for the duration of the exclusion period and Bet9ja would make efforts to prevent the opening of any new account being opened by the customer during this period. Please refer to the help page for more information on your options.

We also encourage excluded persons to remove Bet9ja from notifications and delete/uninstall any Bet9ja app or site.

If any self-excluded person is identified at our physical outlets, an authorised staff member shall request for such excluded person to leave the premises. Visit My account > Responsible Gambling > Self-exclusion to request the self-exclusion.


Bet9ja dissuades underage gambling by posting notices stating the legal age to gamble as approved by the Lagos State Lotteries and Gaming Board at all Bet9ja outlets.

Bet9ja ensures its media materials and adverts (via all channels, including television, radio, social media, prints, mails etc.) contain a responsible gaming message to protect underage and vulnerable persons. Our adverts do not mislead viewers as to opportunities to be benefited from gambling, as we ensure gambling is seen as a form of entertainment.


Our staff are well trained to ensure compliance with our responsible gaming policy on our website and outlets and will receive refresher training at intervals. The customer service team is on hand to resolve any gaming-related problems or concerns you may have.

Where it is required, we may prevent a customer from continued gaming on our platforms in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


Bet9ja takes its compliance responsibilities very seriously and will report any activity that is required to be reported by the applicable regulations to the respective licensing and state authorities.


If you wish to speak to someone about your betting, please contact our Problem Gamblers Hotline on +234809 999 0933 or send an email to The team are available every weekday between 08:00am – 5:00pm. You can also contact one of the therapeutic associations recommended by Bet9ja below.

There are other bodies that can offer help and assist in a professional manner and are available for all players.

  1. Gamble Alert:
  2. Gambling Therapy: ////
  3. GamCare: ////
  4. Gamtalk:
  5. Gamblers Anonymous:
  6. BeGambleAware:

We further recommend you install a filter programme such as Net Nanny or Cyber Patrol to block access to our betting site by underage players.

  • Bet9ja will conduct periodic reviews of its Responsible Gaming Policy.