Jacks or Better 100

The Game

Jacks Or Better 100 Hand is a video poker game in which the player can play 1 or more hands simultaneously. One standard deck of 52 playing cards is used for the game, and the deck is redrawn for each hand specified. The objective is to achieve winning combinations of cards on the hands selected. Hands and card values are the same as poker.

Starting the game

Once the game has loaded, you will be presented with the game screen. Here, you are to select your stake, number of credits & number of hands to play with. Once done, press ‘deal’ – this will engage the game.

How to play

  • Select the number of credits you wish to bet on each hand (from 1 to 5, default = 5) via the Credits field using a method below;
    • use the up and down arrows beside the field
    • use the Min and Max buttons beside the field
  • Select the number of hands on which to play (from 1 to 100, default = 100), via the Hands field using a method below;
    • type the number required into the field
    • use the up and down arrows beside the field
    • use the Min and Max buttons beside the field
    • select 10, 25, 50 or 100 hands using the corresponding button

If you specify more than 1 hand, the hands form one individual bet with one BetID.

  • Select your stake value either using the up and down arrows in the Stake field, or by typing the amount into the Stake field and pressing Enter or clicking on a blank area of the game screen. The Stake amount shown is the stake you are placing on a single credit on a single hand.   
    Total Stake is the total amount (Credits x Hands x Stake) that you will be betting on one Deal of the selected number of hands. The Total Stake amount must be within the minimum and maximum total stake amounts.
  • Click on Deal to place your bet. The Total Stake amount will be removed from your available balance and the first 5 cards will be dealt.
  • Select the cards you wish to keep using the Hold buttons located below the cards. Once a card is held, the button displays ‘Held’. To unhold a held card, click on the Held button located below it. If you chose to play more than one hand, the held cards will be reflected in your other hands.
  • Click on the Draw button to redraw cards that you did not Hold.

To understand the potential payouts for each winning combination, click on the Payout button. This will display the table below;

  1 Credit 2 Credits 3 Credits 4 Credits 5 Credits (max)
Royal Flush X250 X500 X750 X1000 X4000
Straight Flush X50 X100 X150 X200 X250
Four of a Kind X25 X50 X75 X100 X125
Full House X9 X18 X27 X36 X45
Flush X6 X12 X18 X24 X30
Straight X4 X8 X12 X16 X20
Three of a Kind X3 X6 X9 X12 X15
Pair X1 X2 X3 X4 X5

The values displayed here are Base Odds multiplied by number of Credits. Potential payouts are calculated using Credits x Stake x Base Odds. Base Odds are the same as the values in column 1.

Please note: when playing the maximum number of Credits, there is an added bonus for a Royal Flush giving a value of ‘x4000’.

Win or Lose

A winning bet occurs when one or more of your hands achieve a winning combination of cards. Individual win amounts are shown on the relevant winning hands, the total win amount is shown in the Winnings meter, and the Win Combination Display is updated. If you chose to play more than one hand, when you hover your mouse pointer over any hand, it is temporarily displayed in the main card area. The winning combinations available are displayed below;

Hand Description
Royal Flush Ace, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit.
Straight Flush Five consecutive cards in the same suit eg 8, 9,10, J and Q.
Four of a Kind A hand with four cards of the same value eg four 9’s.
Full House Three cards of one value and two of another eg three 5’s and two K’s.
Flush Any five cards of the same suit in no particular order.
Straight Any five consecutive cards not in the same suit eg J, 10, 9, 8 and 7.
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same value eg three 7’s.
Two Pair A hand containing two pairs eg two 10’s and two Aces.
Pair A pair of J’s, Q’s, K’s or Aces (Only when dealt (and held) this hand in the ‘Deal’ area). Pairs below value of J only count when drawn onto the table.

 E.g, player is dealt a pair of 9’s in their hand and presses ‘Hold’ on both cards. When ‘Draw’ is pressed, these will not count as pairs.    Or

Player is dealt 2 J’s in their hand and presses ‘Hold’ on both cards. When ‘Draw’ is pressed, player will be rewarded the multiplier for pairs for each individual hand drawn onto the table (hence ‘Jacks or Better’).

When you have achieved at least one winning combination, you are given 3 choices; Collect, Gamble or Gamble Half. If you Collect, all your winnings are added to your balance and the game ends. For details on the Gamble and Gamble Half opportunities, see ‘The Gamble Round’.

If you Gamble, you can increase your winnings by guessing the colour of the next card drawn (red or black). You can guess up to 5 times, and you can collect your accumulated winnings at any time. However, if you guess incorrectly prior to collecting your winnings, all your winnings will be forfeited.

If you Gamble Half, you are offered the same opportunity as with Gamble, but you only risk half of your original winnings. The other half is safe and will be added to your balance once the game ends.

When you select Gamble or Gamble Half, the feature below is displayed;

One standard deck of 52 playing cards is used.  To guess whether the next card drawn will be red or black, click on the appropriate coloured button. The card will then be turned over. If you guessed correctly, another card will be displayed and you can guess again. If you guessed incorrectly, the game will end and the New Game button will be displayed.

Game Controls

New Game: Start new game

Deal: Once stakes have been placed, press this to be dealt a hand

Draw: Press to draw all hands onto table.

Credits (Max/Min & Up/Down): Choose max/min to auto select max or min credits, or up/down to cycle through.

Auto Hold: Click to automatically select the best cards in your hand.

Stake (Up/Down): Click up/down to select stake

Hands (Max/Min & Up/Down): Choose how many hands you want to play with (min. 10, max. 100.)

Hold (one on each card in hand): Press to keep particular card in the hand and to be dealt onto the table when ‘Draw’ is pressed.

Card Choice (2 options): Select the card art style.

Gamble: Choose to gamble all winnings from that turn.

Gamble Half: Choose to gamble half of winnings from that turn.

Red/Black: Gamble that the next card drawn in the gamble section is either red or black.

Collect: Collect winnings to be transferred to balance.

Speed Adjust: Choose how quickly the cards are to be drawn onto the table.

Payout: Show payout values for each individual winning hand.