Cookie Policy


This cookie policy is dated 20th September 2022 and shall supersede any previous version of the cookie policy.  We utilise the term “cookies” in the privacy policy to refer to websites cookies and other similar tracking technologies that may collect information whenever you visit our website. This cookie policy should be read alongside our privacy policy.


What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files saved on your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website. If you provide your consent for the use of cookies, it permits the website to recognise your visit and collect information on how you use that website. Your web browser sends the cookie back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognise those cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used by us when you connect to our website ( ) from your devices including specific version of the website and any related applications (or apps) referred together  as the (“Website”).  Our website uses cookies to improve your online experience and to ensure that necessary content, functions and services are made available to our customers in an efficient way.

Across our “websites” we use both session cookies and persistent cookies to carry out our services and perform multiple functions.

Session cookies are meant to last for the duration of your visit to website, and subsequently delete themselves upon closing your browsing session on your device. Session cookies assist with the security of the browsing session, and will keep you logged in as you navigate between the different web pages to provide an efficient web session coupled with the website remembering the preferences you select.

Persistent cookies remain on your device when you close your browser, and such cookies enables the websites to remember you as a returning visitor. These cookies have functions such as remembering your User ID when you log in to the website. They also store your choices when you go back to such websites.

How we use cookies

Cookies are used by us to continually improve our website and enrich your browsing experience. Some of the under-listed cookies are important for our website’s basic functionality:

Essential Cookies: These cookies are critical and necessary for our website functionality. Without these cookies our website will not function. These cookies will enable users on the website to access our website and each of the web pages by enabling basic functions like setting the cookies.  You can disable these cookie setting by changing your browsing settings which may likely affect the functionality of our website.

Functional Cookies: When you visit our website, and upon your subsequent return, functional cookies will enable the website to remember the choices you made earlier and assist us to provide improved service delivery to our customers. These cookies also enhance our website functionality by storing your preferences which include recording information on the language you chose, location, and marketing preferences since your last visit. It also remembers your User ID on the log in page and accessibility options on the website. This cookie functionality is always available on the website and in most circumstances cannot be turned off.

Performance Cookies: Are cookies that enable us to measure the performance of the website, through Users experience on the website, in which the data gleaned from the user’s interaction enables us to improve service functionality and website improvement. We need your consent to use this cookie on our website.

Marketing Cookies: These are cookies that enable us provide our products and services that are peculiar to you. We utilise the data from the use of these cookies to tailor marketing ads to our customers based upon your interests. We also use the data to limit the ads you see and measure the effectiveness of such ads. You can choose to turn off such marketing cookies and ads will not be tailored towards you.

Managing Cookies Choices in your Browser

Your consent determines the cookies we store on your device for the websites functionality. You can effect change to your cookie preferences at any point in time via the settings on your browser. This action will enable you to remove stored cookies on your device by deleting such cookies from your browser history (cache) whenever you leave our website. Further information on how to control cookies via your browser settings can be viewed at or

Please note we may revise the cookie policy at any time and you should check regularly for any changes to the policy.