How to verify your account

Here you will find all the information you need to verify your account before requesting a withdrawal of funds or to add a new bank account.

To request a withdrawal or to add a new bank account, we will need to verify your email address first and then verify your account.

Only the following documents will be accepted as proof of identification:

  • Virtual NIN (token)
  • NIN Slip
  • NIN ID card
  • Voter’s Card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License

In the case of an NIN slip or NIN ID Card, you will need to obtain your token from the National Identity Management Commission website here. Remember to use the Enterprise ID code 715461.

Follow these steps from your mobile phone to verify your account:

  1. Log into your Bet9ja account
  2. Go to the withdrawals page
  3. Tap on the button “Start Verification” (this is the step after verifying your email account)
  4. Choose your country of residence
  5. If you are planning to verify your identity with an NIN slip or NIN ID card, please include the token from the government website in the field selected for it. If you are planning to use a Passport, Voter’s card or Driver’s License, you can ignore this step.
  6. Add your Name and Surname as they are in your document. Choose a document to verify. You will need to take a picture of it. You may need to allow access to the app to use your camera
  7. Take a picture of the front side of your document
  8. Take a picture of the back side of your document
  9. Follow the instructions for the selfie
  10. Submit your information

Now you are ready!

After you submit your information, you will receive confirmation of the status of your request within three minutes. If you don’t receive the confirmation automatically, your documents may need a manual check that can take up to 72 hours. You will be contacted by our team to continue the verification process. 

Once your documents have been verified, the withdrawal page will be open for you.


I didn’t start the verification process on a phone. How can I switch to a mobile device?

The screen will ask you to scan the QR code to move to a mobile device. You can use any mobile device that has a camera and internet access. Do not worry; your information will be protected.

What happens if after 72 hours my document is not validated?

It could be that your document is not valid or is damaged, the picture uploaded is blurry, or that the name in your account is not the same as the name in your ID. Our team will contact you to request another type of documentation to continue with the process.

How I can get my National Identity Number token?

You just need to visit the National Identity Management Commission website here and follow the instructions. You will need to use the Enterprise ID code 715461 to generate this unique and temporary token.