Six Dice (Mobile)

The Game

Sixdice is a modern uptake of a classic dice game where you bet on six dice thrown, and try to predict the outcome on each one. If the player picks the correct outcome of one or more dice correctly the game is won.

Starting the Game

Once the game has loaded up, the player will be presented with the game screen. In order to start the game, simply select stake and press ‘Spin’.

How to play

Select the value of stake for a line and then select the outcome of what numbers the six dice will land on in each position from one to six. Players can tap the different dice to decide which number players want to choose for that position. Five different lines of selections can be selected, which adds the stake on to the total stake for however many lines are selected. With Sixdice up to five bet lines can be placed. Choose stake per line along the bottom of the screen. The more lines you select the higher the chance to win.

Win or Lose

The turn is won if the top row of dice correlates with any dice shown on any lines, with the turn being lost if no dice match. Depending on how many dice match up with the top row of dice, alters the return of the stake. 


Match six multiplies stake by 1000

Match five multiplies stake by 75

Match four multiplies stake by 10

Match three multiplies stake by 4

Match two multiplies stake by 2

Match one multiplies stake by 0.5

Game Controls

Info – players can view the paytable, game limits and tips to be shown or not shown

Edit – remove lines

Stake per Line – select the stake placed on each line.

Cashier – this button is found when ‘Stake per line’ is pressed and directs players to the cashier

Spin – engages the turn

Add Line – places an additional line of dice to the game

Menu –directs players to the main casino menu