Jewels of Anubis

The Game

Jewels of Anubis is a scratchcard game. There are 9 covered sections on the scratchcard. Each section hides a symbol. The player is presented by the gamescreen which consists of the 9 sections of the scratchcard after the game has loaded.

Starting the Game

To begin, press ‘Buy Card’, press the Space Bar or click on the central area. Any of these options will action the purchase of 1 or more cards as defined by the values shown in the Stake and Auto Play fields.

How To Play

– Select your stake value either using the up and down arrows in the Stake field, or by typing the amount into the Stake field and pressing Enter or clicking on any blank area of the game screen. The Stake amount displayed is the stake you are placing on a single card.

– Click on the Buy Card button. One scratchcard will be purchased and the single Stake amount will be removed from your available balance.

– Reveal the symbols on your card either by clicking on each individual card or by pressing ‘reveal all’.

Lines & Payouts

This table shows the 7 game symbols. On each symbol is the potential win amount for a single winning line of that symbol. A winning line occurs when 3 identical symbols appear vertically, diagonally or horizontally. If there are multiple winning lines, the single win amounts are added together.

3 Tutankhamuns in a row
= 1000 x stake
3 Scarab Beatles in a row
= 4 x stake
3 Urns in a row = 50 x stake 3 Crook & Flails in a row= 2 x stake
3 Ankhs in a row= 15 x stake 3 Eye of Horus in a row= 1 x stake
3 Bastets in a row= 10 x stake

If you have a winning line, the payout you receive for the line will be the value shown on the corresponding symbol. If there are multiple winning lines, the single win amounts are added together. The payout amounts can be seen on the top left side of the screen.

Winning Bets

A winning bet only occurs when 3 identical symbols are found in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Once all 9 sections have been uncovered, any winning symbols will flip over, and show the word ‘Win’. A message is then displayed showing the total amount you have won.

Game Controls

Buy Card: One stake has been set; click to engage the game/turn.

Stake adjust (up or down): Click to increase or decrease the stake.

Sections (1 to 9): Click on each section to reveal

Reveal All: Click to reveal all section simultaneously

Info: Click to view payout lines.

Back: Click to exit payout lines info.

Launch Full Game: Click to be taken to the Desktop version of the game.

Menu: Click to return to the casino main menu