Bet9ja Pin Login

It is now more secure and even easier to log in to your Bet9ja account, using the new PIN system!

The new PIN login is a method that can be used on Bet9ja mobile to access your account.

Users can login to their accounts on mobile quickly and conveniently without the need for usernames and passwords, but only using the PIN that they set up.

To set up a PIN, users can navigate to ‘My Account’ – ‘Account settings’ – ‘Setup PIN Login’ (mobile) and follow the simple instructions:

Create the PIN code that you want to use, and make sure you keep it safe.

You will have to confirm your PIN before it is successfully created.

In the event that a user forgets their PIN or experiences three failed attempts, you will be directed to the standard login page, where you can use your username and password to access your account as normal.

The PIN login feature has been implemented across both the Sports and Casino sections of Bet9ja, providing a unified experience for users.

Please see the attached FAQ section below for more details and common user scenarios related to the PIN login feature:


I keep getting logged out, forcing me to re-enter my username and password. Is there a quicker way to log in?

You can set up a 4-digit PIN code under ‘My Account’ – ‘Account settings’ which will speed up the log in process. Instead of username and password, you will be able to log in using only your personal PIN. This PIN is user-specific and not device-specific, meaning if you use several devices, you can use the PIN on all of them (first log in on a device still require username/password)

Can my PIN code be the same as my password?

No, the PIN number can only consist of numbers (0-9).

I have forgotten my PIN code; can I recover it?

No. If you forget the PIN code, you can press ‘Forgot your PIN?’. This will erase the PIN code and prompt you to enter your standard username and password. The same procedure occurs if you fail to enter the correct PIN after three attempts.

If you wish to continue to use PIN as a login method, you need to set one up again once successfully logging in with username + password.

I bought a new phone, will my PIN code still work?

Yes, the PIN is specific to the account, not the device. However, the first log in on any new platform require username/password before the PIN is activated.

I set up PIN log in on a shared device and wish to have it removed, how?

You can at any time remove an active PIN by visiting ‘My Account’ – ‘Account settings’.

Can I change my PIN as I struggle to remember it?

No, if you wish to change your PIN you have to remove the active one (see above) and then set it up once again.

If I actively log out from my account, will I continue to be able to log in with my PIN upon returning?

No, for security reasons the Logout button terminates the session, meaning that also the PIN will be deactivated on the specific device and the user having to use username/password upon the next log in.

However, after this the PIN is activated again. The PIN will only be removed entirely if you either
a) actively remove the PIN
b) enter the wrong PIN 3 times upon log in
c) press ‘Forgot you PIN?’ upon log in

Will the PIN work even if I’m inactive for 24 hours or more?

Yes, if you are a returning user of a platform that didn’t have its cookies deleted in the meantime (i.e. unless you actively delete cookies, change browser/device or terminate the session you will be able to log in with PIN)

What happens if I close the browser entirely or just the tab within the browser, then returns later?

Unless your browser automatically deletes cookies, or if you actively do it, you will be able to log in with your PIN code upon returning.

I cleared the cookies in my browser, do I have to set the PIN back up again?

Upon the next visit you will have to use username/password since we won’t have any trace of your previous activity. However, since the PIN is user-related instead of device specific, the PIN will activate upon your next log in after that.

I downloaded Firefox browser instead of Chrome, will my PIN still work?

Yes, the PIN is specific to the account, not the device. However, the first log in on any new platform require username/password before the PIN is activated.