Take the Shot Euro Finals

The Game

Take the Shot Euro Finals is a simple penalty shootout game where the object of the game is to choose your target and score. There are several penalty takers featuring different skill ratings which affect the target multipliers. The game features a rolling pot, where the more consecutive goals scored, the bigger the prize pot becomes. How far will you dare to play before you collect your winnings! If you feel less of a risk taker, collect half the pot winnings and only gamble the rest.

How to play

Once the game has loaded, the player will be presented with the main play screen and the option to select your initial stake, you will be unable to change your stake until your bet is over. Once chosen and play starts, this cannot be change until a new game is started.

The game will choose a random penalty taker (from the five available) for each shot. Each player profile has a star rating which affects his chances to score and can be viewed on the left side of the screen. There are 7 fixed targets around the goal area. Depending on the penalty taker, the risks increase closer to the keeper, but the rewards are greater.

Win or Lose

This game features a rolling pot, which means scoring consecutive goals increases the prize pot. After each goal scored, you can choose to:

  • Risk it all and select another target.
  • Collect your winnings and star a new game.
  • Collect half your winnings and continue to play the remaining half.

Winning Bets

Your selection wins when you select a target, and your penalty taker is successful with his shot and scores a goal. Winnings are only added to your balance when you have collected your pot. Any turn where your penalty taker has his shot saved by the goalkeeper is a losing bet.

Game Controls

Game controls are as follows:

Select Stake – Press and use up/down bumpers to adjust the bet amount.

Goal Targets – Select where to kick the ball.

Collect – All winnings are transferred to player’s balance.

Collect Half – Half of pot is banked and will be transferred to players balance when the next penalty is missed.

Min / Max Bets

Min Stake Max Stake Max Payout
50 NGN 200,000 NGN 1,000,000 NGN