Queen Cleopatra (Mobile)

The Game

Queen Cleopatra is a simple, 3 reel style slots game with multipliers and a bonus jackpot. You will try to achieve three of the same symbol in the centre of each reel at the end of the spin, with the multiplier differing depending on the symbol.

To qualify for the bonus, you must get 3 Scarab ‘Wild’ Icons to activate one bonus level. Achieving this 3 times you will win the bonus. The bonus pays at 50 x Average Stake.

How to Play

  • Select the stake you wish to play (default = 1) by pressing the Naira symbol, and using the up and down arrows underneath
  • Set your Auto Play (if any), this is the amount of spins that will happen the next time you press ‘Spin’, this can be interrupted, and can be selected from a set of numbers between 5 and 250
  • You can select this by pressing Autoplay and choosing a number

Slot Machine Game Controls

BetID The current Bet ID is displayed once a bet has been placed. When viewing your bet history, your games are displayed under their associated Slip ID which is the Bet ID rounded down to the nearest 100. For example, if your Bet ID was 1234567891101, the relevant Slip ID would be 1234567891100.
Info This will display the Icons, Paylines and Game Limits
Icons The up and down arrows will allow you to display all icons in the game
Paylines Displays all winning paylines
Game Limits Displays Minimum Stake, Maximum Stake and Maximum Win
Naira Symbol Allows you to adjust coins, stake, autoplay and visit the cashier
Cashier Allows you to exit the game and withdraw or deposit
Menu Allows you to exit the game and return to the menu
Spin Spins the reels and starts the game for as many spins as selected in your Autoplay

Icons and Payouts

  • The game has 6 different icons, all accounting for an individual multiplier
  • The multipliers are: x1, x3, x7, x14, x30, x100
  • The Scarab ‘Wild’ icon can substitute for any other icon to form a winning combination
  • 3 Scarab ‘Wild’ icons will fill one level of the bonus gauge
  • Filling 3 levels of the bonus gauge will get you a x 50 bonus against your average stake
  • If the player leaves the game, their bonus progress will remain for 24 hours