The Game

In Spin+Match, there are many ways to win. You can bet on both wheels matching the same multiplier, a mix with a Wild, or even no colours matching. You also have a chance on matching a wild on each wheel for an automatic free respin.

How to Play:

Select the desired chip amount and place them on any of the 6 colour bets of your preference. You can place bets on multiple colours at the same time. Players can choose to stack the chips if they wish to select an amount that is not available on its own. Once the bet has been placed, press ‘Spin’ to spin both wheels. If you want to repeat your betting strategy, simply press ‘Rebet’.

Game Controls

Game controls the following buttons and functions:

  • Chips: click these to choose stake;
  • Speed: decide how quickly the wheel will spin (this has no effect on outcome);
  • Rebet: repeat the previous selections and stake;
  • X2: this repeats the previous selections, but with double the stake;
  • Clear: clears all selections;
  • Autoplay: chose how many times you want to automatically rebet;
  • Spin: engage the game/spin.