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Bet more, get more.

Bet9ja Rewards is one of our many ways of saying thank you for choosing the best betting company in Nigeria, where you can earn player points and bonus cash rewards for real money gaming activity on sport & casino. The more you play, the more cash reward bonuses you will earn.

Win or lose, sportsbook and casino bets you place will be converted into points. The amount of points you earn will depend on a few things: number of bets placed, number of selections and amount staked.

No matter the result of the bets you place, you will earn points.

How does it work?

You start receiving your rewards points as soon as you place your first eligible bet. Bet9ja Rewards has two factors; building your rank and achieving rewards. Both factors work with each other, where the higher your rank, the faster you will earn cash rewards for your loyalty.

Part 1: Your Rank

  • All the qualifying bets you place will result in points which in turn contribute to your rank
  • The higher your rank, the higher your points multiplier. This then gives you the ability to accumulate points faster.
  • You have 1 calendar month to collect as many points as possible towards your rank by placing any bet on sportsbook & casino markets.
  • At the end of each calendar month, the rank you achieve will be the rank you start on for the following month. Your ranking points are not cumulative and will be reset to zero if you do not achieve the necessary number of points to maintain your rank or higher number of points to move to the next rank.

Points you earn towards your rank will also go towards your cash reward bonuses –  the higher your rank, the faster you will earn them.

Rank benefits (Multiplier) and progression (points required to rank up) are:

Rank Multiplier Points Required
Blue 1X Starting Rank
Green 1.5X  10,000
Bronze 2X 20,000
Silver 2.5X 50,000
Gold 3X 100,000
Platinum 3.5X 250,000
Diamond 4X 1,000,000

Depending on what number of points is reached by the end of the calendar month, will determine  the rank the player will start the next calendar month with.

For example;

A player earns 14,000 points in September so will start with the Green rank in October. Although the player is Green rank for October, their points total towards the next rank will reset to 0 and they will have to collect at least 10,000 points again to maintain the Green rank for November. However, unlike the previous month, their multiplier will now be 1.5, rather than simply 1. This allows them to accumulate points quicker. The rank reached is not kept permanently and is only applicable the month after the rank status is earned.

Part 2: Achieving Rewards (Cash Reward Bonuses)

  • The rank you start each month with will have a multiplier attached to it – the higher the multiplier, the quicker you will get to your cash rewards as your stake will earn you more points.
  • In order to earn the cash rewards, you must earn a certain amount of points which will show in a progress bar on the bonus tab in your account. Bonus Rounds last 7 days. The Bonus Round will end once you have reached the enough points or once the 7 days expires. In either case, the next round begins immediately after the previous one ends.  The higher your rank, the faster you earn points within the Bonus Rounds (and the faster you earn cash rewards!)


Earning Points

Points are earned for qualifying bets:

Sports Bets:

Selections on Bet Points Per 100 Naira staked
1 to 2 1
3 to 4 2
5 to 8 3
9 to 13 5
14 to 20 7
21 + 10


For example;

  • A 10-selection bet a Bronze level player (2X multiplier) places staked at 100 naira, will earn 10 points instead of 5. (10-selection bet staked at 100 naira = 5 points)
    • (Bronze level = 2X multiplier)
      • (5 points x 2 = 10 points)


  • A 4-selection bet a Green level player (1.5X multiplier) places staked at 200 naira will earn 6 points instead of 4.
    • (4-selection bet staked at 100 naira = 2 points)
    • (4-selection bet staked at 200 naira = 4 points)
    • (Green level = 1.5X multiplier)
      • (4 points x 1.5 = 6) 

and so on…

Casino Play:

On all of our casino offerings, you will earn 1 Rewards Point for every 200 NGN staked.

How Cash Rewards are Earned — Bonus Rounds

Cash rewards are earned within a 7-day period called ‘Bonus Round’. There are six Bonus Rounds with different level of cash reward for each you can earn.

Once each Bonus Round starts, you have 7 days to reach the necessary points to complete the Bonus Round and to start  the next cash reward level. Once you collect all the points required for the Bonus Round level, your cash reward will be credited to your account balance and the next Bonus Round will start from that date.

The Bonus Rounds run continuously, with a new Bonus Round starting as soon as the previous Bonus Round ends. You can move up or down the Bonus Round levels depending on your activity and how many points you can collect within each Bonus Round.

Cash Reward Bonuses are earned through the point totals for each Bonus Round stated below:

Bonus Round level Points Required Cash Reward Bonus
1 500 100NGN
2 2,500 500NGN
3 12,500 2,500NGN
4 50,000 10,000NGN
5 125,000 25,000NGN
6 500,000 100,000NGN

If you reach all of the points required for the Bonus Round level, you will move up to the next Bonus Round level. Every time you move a level, your points start at “0”.

If you reach at least half of the required points for each Bonus Round level (50% or more), you will stay on the sale Bonus Round level during the next Bonus Round and will need to reach the required points for that same Bonus Round level you are on. If you do not reach half of the required points, you will move back one Bonus Round level and will have 7 days to collect the number of points required for that Bonus Round level to receive your cash reward.

Once you reach Bonus Rounds level “6”, you can remain at that level if you continue to reach at least 50% of the required point for Bonus Round level 6 during each Bonus Round. Otherwise, you will move down a Bonus Round level as described above and the same rules will apply to all your later activity.

For example:

if you’ve moved to Bonus Round level 3 and collected 7,000 points during that Bonus Round, you will stay on the same Bonus Round level 3 for the next 7 days. If during these next 7 days (the next Bonus Round) you collect 5,000 points, you will move to Bonus Round level 2.  If during these same 7 days you collect 8,000 points, you will stay on Bonus Round level 3. If during those 7 days you collect 12,500 points, you can move up to the next Bonus Round level 4.

You will get the cash rewards only for the Bonus Rounds within which  you’ve collected  all of the required number of points for the respective Bonus Round level. The cash rewards do not affect your Rank and the allocation of all the points to your general points balance associated with your Rank during the month.

Bet9ja Rewards

  • These Bet9ja Rewards Terms and Conditions supplement and are made part of the Bet9ja Rewards Rules. All the bets and any account activity is subject to the General Terms and Conditions, General Sport Betting Rules and the Casino Rules.
  • To qualify for Bet9ja Rewards, you must be a registered Bet9ja active online account holder. Participation is not open to self- excluded users.
  • The Bet9ja Rewards points (including for the Cash Bonus Rewards) are awarded for any bet of 100 Naira or more placed on Sports, Live Betting and Casino (the “qualifying bet”). No other bets (including those placed on League, Races and virtual products and/or any void or cashed out bet) will count towards the points allocation. You start receiving the points from making the first qualifying bet.
  • Bet9ja reserves the right to exclude any users from the Bet9ja Rewards program at its sole discretion.
  • Qualifying bets can be placed on our desktop and mobile sites, as well as our app
  • Bet9ja may cancel, withdraw, terminate or alter the Bet9ja Rewards program at any time. Any amendments to or announcements about Bet9ja Rewards program will be made available on or in your account
  • Bet9ja Rewards points and/or the Cash Bonus Rewards cannot be sold, traded or transferred to another account
  • If you have accumulated Bet9ja Rewards points in your account before requesting self-exclusion, such points may be reinstated once your self-exclusion expires provided Bet9ja Rewards program is active. No Cash Bonus Rewards can be reinstated upon the expiry of the relevant Bonus Round in the event of inactivity (including, without limitation, self- exclusion, account suspension for whichever reason, general inactivity or insufficient activity etc.).
  • If Bet9ja suspects or identifies any prohibited or illicit activity under your account, abuse the Bet9ja Rewards Program or associated rules and the terms and conditions, or if your account is suspended for similar reasons as well as suspected fraud, Bet9ja has the right to revoke your accumulated Rank, cancel and/or deduct the points recorded under your account, including the Cash Bonus Rewards, cancel your eligibility to participate in Bet9ja Rewards program and exercise any and all Bet9ja’s rights under the General Terms and Conditions, General Sport Betting Rules, Casino Rules or in law.
  • You can opt-out of Bet9ja rewards at any time by emailing By submitting an opt-out request, you agree that your Rewards points shall be forfeited in full without the right to reinstatement. This does not affect your right to receive the Cash Bonus Reward you may be eligible for under the Bet9ja Rewards Rules and these Bet9ja Rewards Terms and Conditions at the time of making an opt-out request.